Mercury Retrograde in Taurus; April 28 – May 22, 2016

by Amanda Painter

“Have you noticed anything going particularly awry, or any near misses that got your attention in the last couple days or so? I’m especially referring to anything that involves communication, travel, your electronic devices, or even interactions that have involved your body (and your responses to it).

Mercury stations retrograde in Taurus today, April 28, at about 1:20 pm EDT. It will remain in apparent retrograde motion until May 22. This means we’ve been in the ‘storm’ phase these last few days (and will be for a couple more); this is the phase of time around a planetary station when things can feel especially tricky.

You might have already gotten clues about some themes and dynamics this Mercury retrograde will be asking you to review, as well as reminders to notice when you’re not focused.

Mercury in Taurus emphasizes the body-mind connection, including the information you receive about your own state of mind (and emotions) through your senses, thanks to Taurus being ruled by Venus.

Mercury retrograde is also a review phase; in this case, possibly a review of your physical/emotional (or psychosomatic) habits. But Taurus and Mercury both relate to money as well. So watch for themes around financial habits and material acquisitions over the next three weeks.

Mercury is guiding you to review how your physical sensations, erotic flame, and emotions intertwine. You might also notice a tendency to sacrifice one of those elements. More than that, Mercury may remind you of the beautiful ways you’ve already experienced healing there.

Your Mercury retrograde protocol includes backing up your computer, taking your time to focus (especially in transit or when handling sensitive communication), holding off on major purchases and contracts, and not jumping to fix things that might not truly be broken.”


So now we’ll have FIVE planets in retrograde motion……………………………… of luck! xx




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