Venus in Gemini; May 24 – June 17, 2016 💙♊

“You kissed me on the forehead
Now this kiss is giving me a concussion
We were ‘love at first sight’
Now this’s crushi
Camera Obscura

Summer lovin’ gets an early start this year as Venus changes her game, trading Taurus’ sensual stability for Gemini’s youthful sense of wonder. This Venusian transit is about enjoying the teasing, playful side of romance. If you throw a handful of different flavored Pop Rocks into your mouth, you’ll get a taste for what Venus in Gemini is all about! Effervescent. Ticklish. Fun.

Attractions now may begin with words, as we tend to bond on a mental level. There’s nothing Venus in Gemini loves more than intellectual stimulation and some sexy pillow talk. Venus in this butterfly sign will also enhance flirtatious vibes, but isn’t the most reliable or sentimental. We should enjoy the playfulness that’s possible now, just not take it too seriously. It’s a time of tasting..rather than testing.

“The first encounter Venus will have in the third zodiacal sign is a dicey opposition to often inflammatory, aggressive Mars in Sagittarius (7:39PM). Strive toward the brighter side of this polarity where creative artistry, romance and social activities are fortuitous rather than detrimental.” -Mark Lerner

Venus in witty Gemini will color our love lives and interpersonal relationships with charm, flexibility and eloquence. This is the perfect time for strengthening already existing bonds by being fully engaged and exploringing love with the clarity and openness for which Gemini is known.

“Venus in Gemini helps with communication—and that means listening, too, not just delivering long monologues. Practice mirroring back what your partner said instead of rushing to respond. When people feel heard, they feel loved.”-Astrotwins

Socializing, texting, talking, making new acquaintances and reaching out to people: this is what will propel the Venus-ruled areas of our Charts towards new achievements. This energy is about exploring possibilities. Use this time to drop some of your social and aesthetic rules. Whether you’re single or dating, you have plenty of opportunities to spice up your Love Life. xx





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