New Moon in Gemini; June 4th, 2016 ❂♊

“Find my hand in the darkness, intertwined you will be the day to my night. We can share wings and take flight.” Truth Devour, Unrequited

Make your wish! A New Moon in the realm of the Twins occurs on Saturday, June 4th, 2016, at 11:00 PM EDT. This Gemini New Moon will be like a breath of fresh air—and a kiss from Cupid too, as it falls at the exact same degree as Love Bomb Venus in Gemini. Ideas that have been planted will soon begin to sprout with mysterious grace and beauty. Times two. Follow the whispers that lead to the twins…

“Be especially conscious and trusting of mysterious or sacred pairs, doubles, and twins that manifest. To the conscious mind these will be trustworthy stepping stones in the Path. Pair off in joy and efficiency where life deems it prosperous to do so. This is a cycle where working in tandems can produce extraordinary results in record times.” -Salvador Russo

Curious Gemini and its ruler Mercury teaches us that our thoughts and perceptions can imprison us or set us free. This New Moon is a matrix-buster that can teach us to let go of limited thinking and prejudices. The reset button gets pushed, the doors of consciousness open, and we travel upward where the mind is free and flexible again.

The luminaries form a Grand Cross, and that marks it as a chaotic turning point. This Grand Cross (mutable) is known for its lack of focus, but the sense of being pulled apart can trigger new ways of seeing. All four elements are in play, and these players are a force for provoking change.  We really are living in different realities, and often that leads to clashes. Adjust your aim, and walk with faith through disillusionment. -Molly Hall

This phase of the Moon occurs at 14 degrees and 53 minutes of Gemini, affecting people born with personal planets and points at approximately 11 to 19 degrees Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces most significantly. The light which increases every day until the June 20th Full Moon will ignite this energy into action! How do you want your new story to begin? YOU are the author!







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