Isn’t It Ironic

Hope you enjoy these delightfully contrary photos as much as I do. (•◡•)


A tall lorry which has seemingly taken a gamble on a low bridge and crashed spectacularly, branded with the slogan, 'on the road to success, there are no shortcuts'


A poster for a TV psychic's show did not end up being the best advert for his skills after it was cancelled due to 'unforeseen circumstances' 


Whoever crafted this 'nothing is written in stone' slab evidently has a rebellious streak


Verizon's slogan of 'We never stop working for you' proved to be very ironic when this store went out of business


It's not clear why a group of young men are striding along the pavement all wearing identical shirts which say 'be different' but obviously they are anything but

A van branded 'The Republican - Where The News Hits Home' is photographed literally hitting a home


There's a healthy dollop of irony in the sign next to a Canadian amusement ride called WindSeeker which reads: 'This ride is currently closed due to high winds'


A product designed to stop pets from chewing also proved to not be particularly effective 


Perhaps a bit of foresight would have been good when designing this cheesy sign, given that the one word almost too faint to read is 'memories'





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