Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Pisces; September 16th, 2016

By Aeterna

“As cosmic horror master H. P. Lovecraft put it, ‘the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown’. While there is nothing horrific per se about the upcoming Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse happening on Friday, September 16 (7:05 PM UTC), at 24°19 Pisces, it’s true that it will involve a confrontation with the unknown to some extent – the transcendental, fluid unknown of the Piscean realm.

An unknown that is as mysterious as slippery and elusive, a place where ends and beginnings meet, but also a shroud that conceals things we’d much rather avoid – out of fear. Fear of losing ourselves. Fear of giving up control. Every Full Moon marks an energetic peak, which shines a bright beam on whatever is coming full-circle in our Life, highlighting culminations, realizations, manifestations in the world of five senses; yet, with Pisces, we are not dealing with a sign that lends itself to rational assessments and binary logic. Pisces is subtle, holographic – the infamous “hall of mirror” effect.

A Pisces Full Moon can encompass a wide range of contradictory nuances – the dissolution of something that allows something else to materialize. Martyrdom which cracks your heart chakra wide open allowing compassion to spill like the nectar of a flower, or vice versa. Closure. Surrendering your way into the flow of life.

Letting go of your burdens and discovering a new wholeness in that empty space. It’s complex, it’s subtle, and yes, it can be frightening, much like everything we can’t immediately fathom through our intellect. But the chart for this upcoming Full Moon / Eclipse (which means, a Full Moon on steroids in a nutshell) gives us a very powerful hint to understand the nature of the energy build-up: wounded healer Chiron is there, in plain sight, conjoining Luna herself at her moment of maximum splendor.

Chiron, the elephant in the room, the sore spot in our personal and collective unconscious, has been teaching us valuable lessons in empathy and self-undoing ever since his entrance in the sign of Pisces, in April 2010. His conjunction to the Full Moon brings our unacknowledged, vague existential pain under the spotlight, dredging it up from the bed of the ocean, tearing the cloak of blissful unawareness that kept us from fully processing its scope and breadth.

A moment of impact, albeit in a blurred, indistinct Piscean fashion. An encounter with our own vulnerability, amidst tidal waves of emotions that beg to be cleared, released. Confronting, accepting, honouring our frailty, while recognizing that its very borders transcend our individual experience. Realizing that we aren’t alone in our process of grieving – we are but a single facet of a bigger, wider, transpersonal scenario. Such experience can be both intimate and selfless, impersonal. If we’re to dive into this epiphany and embrace it, we better temporarily erase the word ‘contradiction’ from our vocabulary….”

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