New Moon in Scorpio; October 30th, 2016 @1:38 PM EDT ☾🎃♏

New Moon occurs today in the mysterious water sign of Scorpio. This energetic doorway invites us to delve deep into our innermost universe; to rummage around, get to the bottom, find the secrets, the lies, and soul-centered desires. It’s an emotional reboot in the sign of creation, destruction, and renewal.

“Scorpio has a reputation for being uncannily intuitive, even downright psychic. This will open our channels, bringing gut feelings and knowing flashes. In this uber-practical, material world (the domain of Scorpio’s OPPOSITE sign, Taurus) most of us brush these messages off, never giving much credence to our inner guidance. But in Scorpioville, nothing is too freaky, psychedelic, or uncanny to be explored. Let go and let it flow. The universe is your psychic hotline.” -Astrotwins

This New Moon occurs at 7 degrees and 44 minutes of Scorpio. If your Birthday is now or in the next two weeks, or you have Scorpio Moon or Rising, this is a truly intense and powerful opportunity for transformation. Focus on your soul’s purpose and bring it to light. Begin by asking, ‘what am I holding onto that is blocking my creativity, restricting my ability to flow, and is still leaving me feeling insecure and powerless?’

“The New Moon (with Mercury separating) is also in a trine with Neptune, which could assist us with our imagination, creativity, intuition, dreams, visions, and spiritual connection. Due to the nodes also being involved, there may also be a connection with how our past can help our future. For some lovers, it can be a time of feeling like soulmates. This energy is strong until November 2nd.” -Carmen Di Luccio


Happy Halloween! xox





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