Venus in Capricorn; Nov. 11 – Dec. 7, 2016 ♀♑

Venus, our planet of love, pleasure and beauty, moves into conservative Capricorn today. Love is serious business for Venus in any of the Earth signs. Security, stability, longevity and the commitment to the labor of love is highlighted now. 

Our Love Goddess here is quite image-conscious, too. Desires are material and tangible. Relationships need a shared purpose. Personal power, status, VIPs and “looks good on paper” types are attractive. Big time. Friends with benefits are also associated with this archetype, as well as May-December romances.

“In addition to its effect on love and relationships, Venus in Capricorn has the same serious effect on all things relating to beauty. You may find yourself dressing less flashy now, or putting your hair in a more subdued style. If you’re decorating your home, you may also go for a more conservative look now.” -Rick Levine

Venus in Capricorn is wary in love and can be skeptical of dramatic displays of affection. Love has to be earned. Those with this Venus placement in their birth charts would never express their feelings first. Ever. They can come across as lacking in passion or warmth…some may say cold. But cold like ice cream. (•◡•)




“Evening Wine” by Kagaya


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