Full Moon Eclipse in Leo; Feb. 10, 2017 @7:34 PM EST❂♌

It’s showtime, as 2017’s first Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs in majestic Leo, the sign of the artist, player and lover. The Moon’s magical beams are about culminations, revelations and manifestations. This is a cosmic kick to push us off the cliff, and into action towards our chosen path.

This eclipse is the first in a two-year series to hit the Leo-Aquarius axis; the Personal vs. the Universal. Sun King Leo is about finding the source of that which makes us special…one-of-a-kind. This lunation asks, How will the uniqueness that is You make a difference in the world?

“You’re correct in believing that you shouldn’t let anyone dim your candle just because they’re uncomfortable with your brightness, but self-confidence can quickly turn to arrogance if you disregard the feelings of those closest to you.” -Rick Levine

Saturn and Uranus will be beautifully linked to the Full Moon, creating a golden triangle in the heavens, inspiring golden opportunities and electric breakthroughs.

Another fantastically supportive aspect occurring between charming Venus and chatty Mercury helps to sweeten our words to keep that Lion’s roar in check in this heated atmosphere of opposing views and opinions.

“These celestial alignments are catalysts of miracles & magic, but it is up to us to do our part individually. Release deep-seated wounds, move beyond old fears to transcend negative patterns or traits within the shadow self.  It is time to ECLIPSE anything that maybe holding you back.” -Simone Matthews

If your birthday falls on July 30th, or within five days, this eclipse will be insanely favorable for you! The same is true if you have Leo rising, or Aquarius rising 8 degrees, or the moon or a natal planet in Leo, Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius at 8 degrees. If that rightful place on the throne has been earned, step up and wear the crown! XX

Where does this Leo degree fall in your birth chart?








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