Venus in Taurus + Mercury in Gemini; June 6th, 2017

Seismic shifts shake our lives as two planets change signs today!  Venus enters her sensual home sign of Taurus and Mercury follows suit by entering its airy home sign of Gemini. My natal Venus is in Taurus and my natal Mercury falls in Gemini, sooo I plan on taking full advantage of these cosmic treats! xx  (•◡•) 

Via Astrotwins;

“Amorous Venus breaks ground in tender, tactile Taurus. Since February 3, the cosmic love goddess has been gliding in and out of fiery, frisky, and fickle Aries—an extra long cycle that included a retrograde from March 4 to April 15. Romantic developments came in fits and starts since early 2017. Like pulling petals off a daisy, we’ve all been a little “I love you, I love you not” since February. But that all changes this week as Venus settles into steady earth sign Taurus until July 4. The sign of the bull is Venus’ home turf (as is Libra) and her powers can be quite potent here. What seemed boring last week could now feel quite heartwarming.
After months of shameless sexting, old-fashioned courtship rituals may suddenly be en vogue. A higher premium is placed on comfortable, consistent companionship than the adrenaline rush of a “here-today, gone tomorrow, back again next week” affair. Sure, a physical attraction is always going to be essential, as are common interests. But when it comes to socializing, Venus in Taurus underscores the importance of surrounding ourselves with people who share our values. Tighten up the purse strings, too, because this discerningly indulgent Venus phase helps us scrutinize our spending. If we’re going to insert a chip card into a reader, it better be for something in the “practical luxury” category.  

Messenger Mercury is also celebrating a homecoming this week. From Tuesday until June 21, he’ll buzz through Gemini, one of the two signs he rules. (The other is analytical Virgo.) This curiosity-inducing cycle draws us out of our cocoons. Flutter around and find those kindred spirits and playmates who share common interests. This is the perfect time for pairing up on projects or finding a go-to buddy for festivals, beach trips and dancing under the stars. But don’t sleep on the local action!
Mercury in Gemini heats up happenings close to home. Gemini rules the hands and the DIY-doyens and makers will truly enjoy this tactile phase. Writers, teachers and media makers also have a golden two weeks—sharing information and ideas is a Mercury-in-Gemini specialty. Unfortunately, this quicksilver energy won’t give us the longest attention spans. Our interests could change daily…hourly even…so committing to our craft may take some extra discipline.”



Art via Tumblr


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