Venus in Virgo; Sept. 19 – Oct. 14, 2017 ♍❥

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”
― Oscar Wilde, An Ideal Husband

Love planet Venus moves from playful Leo into virtuous Virgo today! Venus shows a reflection of our desires and in contrast to Venus‘ flashy transit in Leo, the mood lighting for love in Earth Sign Virgo is sensual but more subdued, or inhibited.

All matters that are Venus-ruled are not easily expressed in this practical realm. Virgos are more about taking care of business and are known to be detached or emotionally distant at times, with a natural reserve and a sense of purity.

Venus in Virgo wants an ideal love or none at all…probably because perfect love doesn’t exist. Love needs to make sense and have a purpose…the kind that organically unfolds, like a friendship at work or school that begins with a mutual respect and blossoms into something more.

Showing our loved ones how grateful we are and how much we appreciate everything they do for us is very necessary and highlighted now. Another possibility of this position is being overly critical, picky, or controlling of our partners.

Being charming, helpful, and considerate to others are ways that Virgos express their love. We’ll want to feel useful or appreciated, and may get annoyed/turned off if our efforts go unnoticed.

Venus in Virgo also makes it attractive to purify ourselves, to make our bodies a sacred temple, and to know the power of wholeness. We could easily feel guilty if we are too self-indulgent at this time…

Happy Venus Return, Virgo!! xx







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