Full Moon in Gemini; December 3, 2017 ♊

A cosmic pull occurs on Sunday, December 3rd at 10:47 AM ET between the Moon in Gemini, the realm of vivid mental curiosity and the Sun in Sagittarius, the seeker of universal and personal truth.

“The cosmic noise factor is amplified by Mercury turning retrograde the same day, leaving everyone a bit dazed and confused for the next three weeks. Also during this Full Moon, a blurry Moon-Neptune square plus a fuzzy Jupiter-Neptune trine magnify dreams, adding a wide-angle distortion filter to the picture; it’s almost impossible to see the truth even when it is staring back at you. This is a metaphysical showdown — facts vs. beliefs, spiritual vs. superficial, and clarity vs. illusion. Dancing with a myriad of dualities can be an entertaining and enlightening experience if emotional flexibility, mental agility, and a swift wit are always within reach.” -Rick Levine

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This Gemini Full Moon is one of the year’s peak moments to find our voice and express what’s in our heart — but crystal clear communication is key. Alleviate Mercury’s distracting influence by using the remedies of discernment and discretion. Pause before speaking about complicated subjects. Slow down; re-read your emails or texts before you send them. Save your receipts when holiday shopping.

“This full moon might be doing the job of illuminating your entire year back to you. For some of us this might feel challenging —this has been an extremely painful and raw time for the collective. Be gentle on yourself in processing your lessons and growth. This would be an opportune time to release. Put what needs to go into the past. Burn your regrets and resentments around a fire or through a candle’s flame. Make amends or reach out to those who need reaching out to with care and compassion. Embark on the process of letting go so that your New Year will feel that much fresher. “ – Sarah Faith

If your birthday falls within four days of June 2nd, something of great personal significance is about to come to fruition. The same is true for those with a natal planet or point in Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius at 12 degrees, plus or minus five degrees.

Where are these moonbeams shining on your birth chartFind out here.

Wishing you a beautiful, uplifting and prosperous Full Moon! xx


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