New Moon in Aries; March 27, 2017 ❂ ♈

An exciting New Moon occurs tonight at 10:57 pm ET, when the Sun and Moon unite in fiery sign of the Ram. This New Moon in Aries is a cosmic restart button, pushing us forward to pursue our passions, and demand more out of life.

“Ready? Fire. Aim!” -Rick Levine

At the time of the New Moon, FIVE planets will be in Aries! Retrograde Venus (love), Uranus (surprise), Mercury (news), the Sun (focus), and the New Moon (opportunity), all in daring Aries.

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New Moon in Aries; April 7th, 2016 ☾♈

“There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” -Edith Wharton

A New Moon in vibrant Aries occurred this morning at 7:24 AM EDT. This is a time of renewal when goals and wishes take root as we draw on unseen allies and open the door to magical change.

This energy is uplifting and fearless. After all, Aries is the leader, the first fire sign of the zodiac, the symbol of spring, and of all new growth and life.

Aries seeks to light our divine spark, to revitalize us through experiences that break the routine by doing something new, fresh..exciting!

“Your power is in the present. The future will take care of itself. The past is history. It is time to be brave.” -Kelly Rosano
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Venus in Aries; April 5th – April 29th, 2016 ❤♀♈

“I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”  ― Marilyn Monroe, Venus in Aries

Venus is all about what makes us feel amazing, and while in the ballsy sign of Aries from April 5th until April 29th, we’re bold and..unapologetic when it comes to pleasure and attraction.

During Venus’ trek through Aries, we may find our desire for new experiences grows strong. New adventures and excitement are valued highly now, while routine becomes increasingly boring. Venus in Aries lives for the rush of new love and thrives on sexual tension and competition.

The chase can be very exciting to some under this fiery influence but the final catch..meh..not so much.

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Mercury in Aries; March 21 – April 5, 2016 ♈

“I will never forget your fire. I can’t wait to see what you do.”
Kiera Cass, Happily Ever After

The passion of Aries comes through loud and clear as Mercury blazes into the realm of the Warrior and out of the dreamy purple haze of Pisces.

With the planet of logic and expression in bold and exciting Aries, earthlings are given a rush of fresh ideas and inspiration. Speech, thought and communication become energized…and social sparks fly!

“Clever banter, inspired bursts of brilliance, shameless come-ons—yep, our exchanges will be charged with the Ram’s spirited dynamism. Friendships and flirtations can heat up quickly over the coming two weeks. But don’t send off for the matching heart-shaped lockets just yet. These flash fires may fizzle as fast as they sizzle!” -Astrotwins

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Sun in Aries + Spring Equinox; March 20, 2016 ☀♈

“Life stands before me like an eternal spring with new and brilliant clothes.” -Carl Friedrich Gauss

The Sun closes the door on sleepy Pisces and presses the restart button as it charges into fiery Aries on March 20th at 12:31AM ET, marking the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of a brand new Astrological year!

Agent Provocateur Aries is fueled by an inner drive that is a force to be reckoned with. The bright blaze of the Sun in Aries fuels the desire to conquer. Our ego and confidence rises, giving us an urge to begin again with a fresh perspective and the courage to face whatever is up ahead.

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Total Eclipse Full Moon in Aries; September 27th, 2015 ☍❂ ♈

It’s time to dance with the the biggest and brightest Full Moon of 2015! A Total Lunar Eclipse occurs in shit-starter kick-starter Aries on September 27th @ 10:42 PM ET. Lunar eclipses are famous for revelations and sudden events.

“Supermoons take on a greater momentous tone than “regular” Full Moons, with culminations and manifestations that feel even more climatic and cathartic. With the increased magnetism amplifying the volcanic nature of Aries, this lunation will have many acting out from their shadow side, releasing raw, pent up emotions through passionate outrage.” Æterna

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Mercury Enters Aries♈: Mar.30th-Apr.14th, 2015

All fired up!
“Mercury in Aries, helps to fire up the mental energies and encourage action or the pursuit of new ways, ideas, paths and possibilities.” –Dipali Desai
As Mercury transitions from peaceful, dreamy, Pisces to bold and brash Aries, our minds and our words will get less poetic and more action-oriented. Directness of speech, fast perceptions and an attitude of “just do it” mark this transit. While Mercury sprints through Aries, we may feel the impulse to cut through and get to the point in conversations and other forms of communication.
Body language speaks loudly now, as do actions. At its best, this transit can help words, awareness and insight to arise spontaneously, combined with the courage to express them. Our thoughts and ideas are pioneering, and we tend to speak more spontaneously and directly. On the other hand, we could also say things out of anger, impatience or impulse that we later regret.

Aries is a Fire sign known for being impulsive, so we must be careful what we say! Comments might be blurted out before they’re fully formed, giving them a tinge of sarcasm or even an edge of insult — whether we intend them to or not. And even if we think we know the full impact of our words, there’s the danger that we haven’t thought far enough ahead about the effect they’ll have on those we care about. It may be a time when we’d rather cut to the chase – acknowledge things and move on – rather than hang around to process the details.

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