Sun in Aries + Spring Equinox; March 20, 2018 🍃♈

Welcome back, Persephone!

The Sun blazes into fiery Aries on March 20th, marking the Spring Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the beginning of a brand new Astrological year!

Today, Light and Dark exist in sacred balance. After this point, the days will get longer and the nights will get shorter until the Summer Solstice on June 21st, when the pattern will reverse.

“And so the spring buds burst, and so I gaze,
And so the blossoms fall, and so my days …”
― Onitsura

As we shift out of the soft, ethereal energy of Pisces, and into the fearless, action realm of Aries, we’re likely to be seeking out things that are new, fun and different.

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We now have an excess of Fire energy. At this time, we can become more impulsive, direct and uncomplicated in our needs, but the tendency to be a bit of an asshole short-sighted and selfish is highly possible.

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Mercury in Cancer; July 8th – July 23rd, 2015♋

Mercury had ours minds spinning during his lengthy stay in Gemini, but mental relief is here as the Messenger moves into the cozy, watery realm of Cancer. Sometimes there are no words that can touch what we feel, for our emotions transcend the mind and the material plane of understanding. This mercurial mood offers us an opportunity to express our feelings with a softer touch, and share ourselves more personally with others, as well as encouraging others to share themselves with us.

Cancer is a Water sign. The mysteries of water cannot be spoken, only felt. This time is a reminder that real listening is done with the heart, as well as with the ears.” –Nancy Detweiler

Conversation is likely to be more personal than usual, with a greater capacity for intimacy. We respond to emotions as much as facts, believing that if we feel something intensely, it’s got to mean something! Which isn’t always the case. Rational aspects of perception are hijacked fuzzy in the ever-changing emotions of Cancer. Our thoughts slow down as we tend to reflect more and say less. We take in information on a deeper, more instinctive level…a rhythm beyond our conscious control.

“When Mercury is in Cancer a compensating psychic permeability permits the absorption of ideas without labored explanations. With the Sun also in Cancer, the intuitive powers are intensified, but they may be denied recognition because of the reticence of the sign.”Leyla Rael


This placement adds a measure of sensitivity making us more sympathetic than critical. Our thoughts are colored by our emotions, so it’s more challenging to be objective..or, to be easily swayed by the pulling of heart strings. We ourselves can take things extra personally or may be tempted to say what we think others want to hear. Emotions fog our thinking.

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