Venus in Cancer; Jul. 31st – Aug. 26th, 2017 ♀♡♋

Venus, our planet of love, pleasure and beauty, moves from breezy Gemini into the sentimental waters of CancerVenus in Cancer will be a nostalgic time for us. Sincerity, sensuality and sensitivity are all aphrodisiacs during this cycle as we focus on the deeper emotional connections between our partners, friends and family.

Possibilities for Venus in Cancer

  • Giving the gift of your undivided attention.
  • Looking at any issues of dependency, as a way of keeping someone with you forever.
  • Irrational moods (being Moonstruck), temporarily losing all objectivity, throwing tantrums to get needs met.

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Cancer, Thⅇ ℂrab


Ruler: Moon

Modality: Cardinal

Season: Summer

Element: Water

Stones: Pearl, Ruby

Color: Silver

The Cancer Woman

Being the first water sign of the zodiac, the Cancer woman is endowed with awesome intuition and imagination. As a child of the Moon, her moods wax and wane like the lunar cycle. Fluid like water, your lunar goddess is both peaceful and passionate. She is a tidal force of perplexing emotion, and can be stubborn, compliant, furious, and docile, all in the same hour. She is complex, fragile, unpredictable and temperamental and needs constant support and encouragement. When She gets the support she needs, she has a tremendous amount to offer in return.

More than any other astrology signs, Cancer needs to be needed. She is sensitive – very sensitive – but not only to her needs, but to the needs of others, making her one of the most sympathetic and caring women of the Zodiac. As deep and tempestuous as the sea, she can also be the calm bay, the gentle beach, always ready to help and nourish those she loves.

Cancer is a sign that is packed full of contradictions. Sometimes caught in a great tide of emotion, sometimes as aloof and icy as a snow maiden. She has an uneasy, delicate temperament and can be prone to wild mood swings and possible temper tantrums. Cancers are easily offended and will sulk and wallow in self-pity when they get hurt. Even if all needs are satisfied, they can be irritable and cranky. She is deeply intuitive, and if she says she doesn’t feel right about someone, it pays to take notice. She won’t know the reason, but she will probably be proved right sooner or later. Similarly, her instinct will tell her at once if someone is to be trusted. This is not about being judgmental – it’s about instincts and feelings.

This sign is the least precise of the zodiac and you’d be hard pressed to spot a Cancer woman amongst the crowd. Not only her moods but her environment affects the way she looks. She does not follow the latest craze emanating from the catwalks. Instead, she favors timeless labels and cuts. As every crab knows, trends are like tides, and they don’t last long. Truly feminine, she is stylish, but will maintain a somewhat conservative wardrobe, preferring traditional outfits with an emphasis on femininity and comfort. Sensitive to criticism, she’ll dress up to look good, but not enough to be the center of attention. Pale blue and silvers are favored by the Cancer woman and these may be reflected in her clothing styles and home décor. You might even find some interesting Moon and stars themes in her home.

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