Full Moon in Capricorn; July 9, 2017❂♑

A Full Moon in Capricorn occurs on Sunday, July 9th, 2017, at 12:07 AM ET when the sensitive Cancer Sun opposes the cool Capricorn Moon. This cosmic illumination is about the balance between sweet success and material rewards vs. the comfort of home and family. Both signs ultimately seek security, yet reach for it in very different ways. This is an invitation to look reality in the eye as we reset our priorities.

“The reason this 24-hour time-period stands out is that there is not only a very powerful and potentially enlightening Full Moon  – energizing 18 degrees of Cancer and Capricorn – but intense, formidable and secretive Pluto unites with the Moon and is therefore a part of the entire Full Moon vibration. There is so much more going on now in the subterranean regions of the human kingdom than there was in February 1930, when distant Pluto was discovered at 18 degrees of Cancer. Thus, this Full Moon – while a possible source of amazing illumination in so many ways – can drag many souls down into murky recesses of deep-seated feelings, repressed emotions, and even so-called past-life memories. Wisdom dictates that being an ambassador of love and light to our fellow travelers on board Spaceship Earth is the way to travel.” -Mark Lerner 

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Full Moon in Capricorn + Venus-Jupiter Conjunction; July 1st, 2015

July 2015 welcomes us with one of the best astrological alignments possible as loving Venus snuggles up to generous Jupiter in Leo offering Royal, Joyful, Hopeful, Beautiful energy to humanity (especially glowy if you have planets at 21 degrees of Leo!) Together they appear as the brightest stars in the galaxy, illuminating the sky like beacons in the night while offering us a warm, comforting feeling of being loved from above. This lovely connection promises expansive love, happiness, and blessings and I want to bask in its brilliant light!

“If you are looking for a double-dose of enlightening Full Moon energy then July 2015 is your talisman for cosmic illumination. Once the Full Moon reaches its crescendo, send out your healing thoughts and prayers to humanity and the kingdoms of nature. Individual and group meditations to help manifest peace, joy, and inspiration around the globe are advised.”  Mark Lerner

The Venus-Jupiter conjunction combines with the potent surge of emotion that releases at 10:20 pm ET when the Moon in Capricorn opposes the Cancer Sun. Even as we revel in the glory of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction sobering Capricorn reminds us that there is work to be done.

With its connection to Pluto this Full Moon brings the potential for some pretty explosive emotions and may also bring up issues of control. Letting go of our preconceptions and allowing things to unfold is the key to inviting the flow of abundance and good fortune that is the promise of Jupiter-Venus conjunction .

This phase of the Moon occurs at 2 degrees and 38 minutes of Capricorn square the Sun at 2 degrees and 38 minutes of Cancer, affecting people born with personal planets and points at approximately 0 to 5 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) most significantly.

The skies may not be perfect, but they are embedded with abundant offerings and loaded with a liberating current that is available for us to tap into. If you’re feeling a big emotional charge, hit the pause button, feel the feelings, love up your inner child, and wait until you’ve chilled out before making a decision or taking action.







“NYC” by Anthony Sacco