Full Moon in Gemini; December 3, 2017 ♊

A cosmic pull occurs on Sunday, December 3rd at 10:47 AM ET between the Moon in Gemini, the realm of vivid mental curiosity and the Sun in Sagittarius, the seeker of universal and personal truth.

“The cosmic noise factor is amplified by Mercury turning retrograde the same day, leaving everyone a bit dazed and confused for the next three weeks. Also during this Full Moon, a blurry Moon-Neptune square plus a fuzzy Jupiter-Neptune trine magnify dreams, adding a wide-angle distortion filter to the picture; it’s almost impossible to see the truth even when it is staring back at you. This is a metaphysical showdown — facts vs. beliefs, spiritual vs. superficial, and clarity vs. illusion. Dancing with a myriad of dualities can be an entertaining and enlightening experience if emotional flexibility, mental agility, and a swift wit are always within reach.” -Rick Levine

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Full Moon in Gemini; December 13, 2016 ❂♊

On Tuesday evening, the Moon reaches its climax at 7:05PM ET in curious Gemini, the realm of the Twins. Gemini is the Zodiac’s smooth talker and this Full Moon is one of the year’s peak moments to find our voice and express what’s in our hearts. Fantasies, epiphanies, declarations and confessions may come to the surface.


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“If you have been clearing the decks of old energies and eagerly awaiting today’s enlightening Full Moon, then you should be ready for a revitalizing and mind-expanding cosmic jolt. Individual and group meditations are advised around the time-period of this highly resourceful solar-lunar monthly apotheosis. Send out your healing thoughts and prayers to humanity and the kingdoms of nature.” -Mark Lerner

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Full Moon in Gemini; Nov. 25th, 2015 ➹❂♊

A cosmic pull occurs on Wednesday, November 25, 2015, at 5:44 PM EST, between the Moon in Gemini, the realm of vivid mental curiosity, and the Sun in Sagittarius, a seeker of universal and personal Truth. Although fiery Sagittarius and airy Gemini are opposite signs, both are also playful, flexible, freedom-loving, curious and can snap each other out of limiting perspectives. The light, positive nature of Sag & Gem will help to lighten the vibe since this Gemini Full Moon, with all its angles, oppositions, and conflicting energies is..well.

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