Jupiter in Scorpio; Oct. 10, 2017 – Nov. 8, 2018

“At night, when the objective world has slunk back into its cavern and left dreamers to their own, there come inspirations and capabilities impossible at any less magical and quiet hour.” ― H.P. Lovecraft

Starting today, benevolent Jupiter takes up residence in magnetic Scorpio until November 8th, 2018. After a thirteen-month transit of Libra, Jupiter’s lucky, larger-than-life presence will be working powerfully on the themes associated with the eighth sign of the Zodiac.

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Jupiter in Libra; Sept. 9th, 2016 – Oct. 10th, 2017

By Molly Hall

“Jupiter’s time in Libra brings back high romance, with big over-the-top shows of love. Jupiter returns to Libra on September 9th and goes neatly through this cardinal sign to October 10th, 2017.  We can see a heightened emphases on love and making a big deal out of it.

Is your Jupiter in Libra?  Then it’s your “Luckiest Year,” a.k.a. the Jupiter Return.  I put that in quotes on purpose, because it’s not always the usual kind of luck, but is often subtle.

It’s also a boost for Air Signs (Libra, Gemini and Aquarius) and give a push to cardinal energies. This bodes well for prose and romantic poetry, as well as rom coms to make a come back.  This is a year to pair up, in love or business.


Past Jupiter in Libra Transits

  • The Peace Moratorium — In October of 1969, millions came to Washington to protest the Vietnam War, in the largest ever gathering of its kind.  There were also candle light vigils and protests across the country.
  • The Taylor-Burton Diamond (1969) — Richard Burton bought his love Elizabeth Taylor a 68-carat diamond, which was later on display at Cartier’s Jewelers in New York city.
  • Love Beads and Love-Ins — The hair style went long and straight at the end of the 1960s, a very Venusian, natural look.  Hand-made “love beads” were made into necklaces and worn.  Libra John Lennon staged his Bed-In for peace, and Make Love, Not War was the meme.
  • Prince Charles and Diana — (1981)  They were engaged in February, and married on July 23rd, in a royal wedding broadcast around the world.
  • The Facebook Launched (2004) — With the stated goal of expanding social networks, this synced with a Jupiter in Libra year, and everybody started collecting “friends.”

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Jupiter Direct!…& Cupcakes

by Maria Desimone

Here’s an analogy that might help you understand the significance of Jupiter‘s power when he turns direct on May 9, 2016 — and how to make sure you use it wisely.

Think of Jupiter as your favorite cupcake. You haven’t had this treat in ages and the craving, when you see the cupcake in front of you, is intense. You know that if only you could take a bite out of it, every inch of you would fill with joy.

This cupcake catches your eye as you walk past the bakery because there are dozens displayed, sumptuously, in the window.  Your mouth begins to water and you feel yourself turning towards the door to enter the bakery. You simply must indulge.

But then, your imminent cupcake heaven is interrupted when your hand twists to open the door and is met with resistance. It’s locked.

The door represents Jupiter’s Station.

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ℕew Moon in Capricorn; Jan. 9th, 2016 @ 8:30 PM EST❂♑

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says ‘I’ll try again tomorrow’.” ―Mary Anne Radmacher

“Saturday’s New Moon is like an extra shot of espresso in the latte of a newly made year. This New Moon summons the highly capable powers of Capricorn to give you more grit to be great.

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Sun & Mercury in Sagittarius♐


After roaming the dark, painful depths of Scorpio, Mercury settles in the sign of Wanderlust from Nov. 20th (until Dec. 9th), followed by the Sun on Nov. 22nd (until Dec. 21st). Thanks to Sag’s big and jolly ruler, Jupiter, thoughts shift from secret suspicions to hopefulness. Passions align, missions intertwine and inner optimism grows.

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Full Moon in Capricorn + Venus-Jupiter Conjunction; July 1st, 2015

July 2015 welcomes us with one of the best astrological alignments possible as loving Venus snuggles up to generous Jupiter in Leo offering Royal, Joyful, Hopeful, Beautiful energy to humanity (especially glowy if you have planets at 21 degrees of Leo!) Together they appear as the brightest stars in the galaxy, illuminating the sky like beacons in the night while offering us a warm, comforting feeling of being loved from above. This lovely connection promises expansive love, happiness, and blessings and I want to bask in its brilliant light!

“If you are looking for a double-dose of enlightening Full Moon energy then July 2015 is your talisman for cosmic illumination. Once the Full Moon reaches its crescendo, send out your healing thoughts and prayers to humanity and the kingdoms of nature. Individual and group meditations to help manifest peace, joy, and inspiration around the globe are advised.”  Mark Lerner

The Venus-Jupiter conjunction combines with the potent surge of emotion that releases at 10:20 pm ET when the Moon in Capricorn opposes the Cancer Sun. Even as we revel in the glory of the Venus-Jupiter conjunction sobering Capricorn reminds us that there is work to be done.

With its connection to Pluto this Full Moon brings the potential for some pretty explosive emotions and may also bring up issues of control. Letting go of our preconceptions and allowing things to unfold is the key to inviting the flow of abundance and good fortune that is the promise of Jupiter-Venus conjunction .

This phase of the Moon occurs at 2 degrees and 38 minutes of Capricorn square the Sun at 2 degrees and 38 minutes of Cancer, affecting people born with personal planets and points at approximately 0 to 5 degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) most significantly.

The skies may not be perfect, but they are embedded with abundant offerings and loaded with a liberating current that is available for us to tap into. If you’re feeling a big emotional charge, hit the pause button, feel the feelings, love up your inner child, and wait until you’ve chilled out before making a decision or taking action.







“NYC” by Anthony Sacco



The Boundless Realm of Jupiter ♃


Known as the Great Benefactor, and the King of Gods, Jupiter is the largest of all the planets. Take all the planets in our solar system and put them together, Jupiter is larger than all those other planets combined! Currently in Leo, Jupiter transits each sign for approximately one year, taking around twelve years to complete the journey through all twelve zodiac signs.

Jupiter’s gift is to guide us to our highest fulfillment and happiness. He can seem to take away our awareness of limitation, filling us with confidence, optimism and a sense of purpose. He broadens our horizons and brings relief from the restraints that causes us to view the world in narrow, constricting terms. He represents the very best of what life holds.

As he breaks down the boundaries that have arisen through fear, life appears more colorful, more spacious, and full of opportunities just waiting to grab our attention. Jupiter asks us to follow our bliss by guiding us to become our most outrageously realized Self. His planetary essence leads us to our big dreams, even those that seem nearly impossible to achieve.

He opens doors, and drops hard-to-miss hints on our path. He brings us allies, showing up in our lives as a pull toward our aspirations through a sense of destiny, serendipity, new inspiring encounters, lucky breaks, and fateful events…Just showing up at the right place at the right time. Jupiter’s gifts keep us encouraged, so we’ll stay inspired and keep on the path of destiny. When we align with what we’re meant to be doing and answer Jupiter’s call, magic happens.

Sometimes the opportunities of Jupiter don’t really look like opportunities at all. In fact there might be some kind of loss associated with Jupiter’s presence through a transit of some sort. If this happens, this generally means that there has to be something moved out of the way so that the opportunity the impediment had been blocking, can make itself known. Jupiter’s gifts might be disguised as something painful at first, but lead to a much better situation later.

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