Mercury in Virgo; Aug. 7th – Aug. 27th, 2015 ☿♍

Today we have the planet of intellect and communication, Mercury, entering the realm of perfectionist, Virgo. This signals a time when our minds are sharpened, our speech becomes precise, and we’re able to communicate with others more efficiently. The Messenger is crisp and productive in virtuous Virgo. All the imaginative, creative thinking we did in Leo can now be put to the test. What was an inspiration becomes a method, what was a vision becomes the realization. Let’s get down to business, shall we?!

“We move from an agenda of greed, power seeking, ego consciousness, to one of service and healing. What is now required is a giving, purposeful and universally aligned attitude to the world around us. We have used our Earth as a playground for long enough, and Virgo energy now wants us to pay much more respect to that which we take for granted” -Julija

Mercury is extremely happy in Virgo’s virgin territory (heheh!) It’s where Mercurial powers are at its strongest. Earth sign Virgo is a precise, witty idealist with a logical and rational approach to situations. Virgo has a cool head in times of crisis, and can bring order and harmony out of chaos. They’re usually great a giving advice too, since they love to analyze people and situations. If there’s one thing that you can count on Virgo for, at all times, is telling you the truth. That’s why Mercury in Virgo is a beautiful thing for new Summer lovers. It’s been fun, but how do we lengthen this love contract? Virgo says ‘be direct, and keep it classy.’

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