Mercury Retrograde; Dec.19, 2016 – Jan. 8, 2017

By Mark Lerner

The kick-off campaign to this morning’s Mercury station and shift into reverse occurs about 90-minutes earlier when Mars enters Pisces (1:24AM) until January 27. Then the winged Messenger of the Gods planet halts its forward progress at 16 degrees of Capricorn (2:56AM) in a three-weekly cycle that will conclude on January 8.

These two somewhat ornery sky movements, combined with the Moon in Virgo making its monthly opposition to Neptune in Pisces (3:24AM) as well as Mercury zapping Mars via a frictional, 45-degree tie (5:32AM), reinforces the cosmic signal to be cautious, careful, and conservative across the board. Being reckless and foolish, in all fields of endeavor, is asking for trouble. Since the Messenger of the Gods planet has no motion right now, its archetypes are intensified far and wide.

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Mercury Retrograde in Taurus; April 28 – May 22, 2016

by Amanda Painter

“Have you noticed anything going particularly awry, or any near misses that got your attention in the last couple days or so? I’m especially referring to anything that involves communication, travel, your electronic devices, or even interactions that have involved your body (and your responses to it).

Mercury stations retrograde in Taurus today, April 28, at about 1:20 pm EDT. It will remain in apparent retrograde motion until May 22. This means we’ve been in the ‘storm’ phase these last few days (and will be for a couple more); this is the phase of time around a planetary station when things can feel especially tricky.

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Busy Mercury

By Mark Lerner

“When people behave in a quickly-changing volatile temperament, they are often said to be mercurial in nature — due to the unusual consistency of the silvery liquid metal known as mercury and associated with the planet anciently referred to as the Messenger of the Gods.
This planet closest to the Sun can move the fastest of the main celestial orbs in our solar system — with Mercury often having a daily speed of over 2 degrees of the zodiac. And right now Mercury is picking up its winged-pace and will be at its fastest movement per day between March 23 and April 3.
The reason to mention all of this is that Mercury is the big cosmic player in today’s heavenly game of fate, destiny, luck and chance as this planet makes six alignments — a trine to invisibility-master Pluto (Midnight as the day begins), a contra-parallel to joker-in-chief Uranus (1:08AM), a polarity to far-seeing Jupiter (2:43AM), a frictional, 45-degree link to safety-and-security concerned Vesta (1:47PM), a conjunction with nature-loving Ceres at 19 degrees of Pisces (5:05PM), and a contra-parallel with giant Jupiter (5:32PM).
With this half-dozen Mercury geometric patterns sending out a large array of both helpful and stressful impulses affecting global communications, correspondence, travel plans, business interests and health-medical analyses, it is best to remain mentally calm and emotionally tranquil.
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Mercury in Pisces; March 5th – March 21st, 2016 🐠

“Why does the eye see a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination when awake?” -Leonardo da Vinci

Mercury, our planet of communication, is on the move this Saturday, drifting into ethereal Pisces until March 21st. During this short but sweet phase, we’re guided by instinct, intuition, feelings and imagination.

“Mercury in Pisces has gifts to share that elevate the experience of life to something transcendent. This transit serves poets, artists, healers, spiritual seekers and all those who don’t rely on objective evidence to shape reality.” -Molly Hall

With our Sun and Neptune also in the infinite waters of Pisces, Divine inspiration, synchronicity, daydreaming and fantasizing may occur more than usual. I’m already in ‘Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe’ mode…*builds silent force-field*

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Mercury in Aquarius + Mercury Retrograde; Jan. 5th – Jan. 25th, 2016 ☿♒

“There’s a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.” -Oscar Levant

Well guys, just as we begin 2016, Mercury, our planet of communication, turns retrograde in the sign of Aquarius, the realm where the impossible is possible…

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Mercury in Capricorn; Dec. 9th – Jan, 1st 2016 ☿♑

Mercury, our planet of expression, entered cool Capricorn on Wednesday, Dec. 9th, 2015. While Mercury was in Sagittarius we had our fingers crossed and pushed on with blind faith and optimism. Now, Capricorn brings us right back down to Spaceship Earth and grants us with clear, focused ambition so that procrastinators (like myself) can launch plans and get shit done.

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Sun & Mercury in Sagittarius♐


After roaming the dark, painful depths of Scorpio, Mercury settles in the sign of Wanderlust from Nov. 20th (until Dec. 9th), followed by the Sun on Nov. 22nd (until Dec. 21st). Thanks to Sag’s big and jolly ruler, Jupiter, thoughts shift from secret suspicions to hopefulness. Passions align, missions intertwine and inner optimism grows.

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