Happy Earth Day!🌻

Via Cosmic Calendar
“Since this year’s Earth Day falls on a weekend, it is a good time — especially during the physically-active and pragmatic Solar Taurus dispensation of the year — to celebrate the beauty, importance and life-sustaining properties of not only trees, but the entire plant kingdom gracing Planet Earth.
Utilize the Moon’s presence in empathetic Pisces — joining forces with visionary Neptune to enjoy an uplifting, imagination-stirring experience of the landscape in your community. Feel deep inspiration during a soulful walk in the great outdoors. Cooking, baking and gardening can fit in nicely with today’s cosmic energy-field.
Turn a possibly confusion-generating Mercury-Neptune 45-degree link (2:39PM) into a creative adventure in the fine or graphic arts. Try your hand at writing rhyme poetry, limericks or haiku. Dance away the moody blues with an engaging partner tonight or listen to your favorite classical symphonies.”


Full Moon in Gemini; Nov. 25th, 2015 ➹❂♊

A cosmic pull occurs on Wednesday, November 25, 2015, at 5:44 PM EST, between the Moon in Gemini, the realm of vivid mental curiosity, and the Sun in Sagittarius, a seeker of universal and personal Truth. Although fiery Sagittarius and airy Gemini are opposite signs, both are also playful, flexible, freedom-loving, curious and can snap each other out of limiting perspectives. The light, positive nature of Sag & Gem will help to lighten the vibe since this Gemini Full Moon, with all its angles, oppositions, and conflicting energies is..well.

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Mercury in Gemini ☿; April 30th – July 8th, 2015


Gems of Gemini

Day-to-day events take on a new spirit of levity as Mercury skips into the colorful realm of the twins tonight. Speedy Mercury makes an extended stay in Gemini (including a retrograde period from May 18 to June 11), and won’t enter Cancer until July 8th. When Mercury is in an air sign, there’s a lively swirling of ideas, impressions and social curiosity, collecting info from all angles, and dispersing wit and insights.

We’re more attracted to wordplays and puns now, we’ll have an instinct for lightening things up with humor, and let’s not forget the subtle art of seduction! Whether we’re “out there” in the dating world or happily attached, expressive Mercury lights up another one of Gemini’s awesome traits, pure charm! This Mercury always has a new fascination to share, but can prefer to skim the surface rather than plunge the depths of an interest. It’s too easy to load up on mental junk food during this transit, since it’s all about following bright, shiny fascinations!


The mind is wowed by all that’s out there to know, and people to meet. Quick-witted and eclectic Mercury in social butterfly Gemini loves to tap into the minds of others, and exchange ideas through conversation. We won’t even be fully aware of the boost we’re giving others (and ourselves) just by participating, chatting, communicating, and staying socially active. A kind word or taking a genuine interest in the life of another person goes a very long way now.

This will be a highly Neptunian Mercury transit (Mercury in Gemini will be within range of a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces for two full months); this indicates openings to otherworldly insights, communication and communion with the divine, and increased intuitive abilities (water signs may feel downright psychic!)

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