New Moon in Cancer; June 23rd, 2017 ☾ ♋

Intense currents are flowing toward us as the Sun and Moon align in the first water sign of the Zodiac on June 23rd, 2017, at 10:31 PM EDT. This magical New Moon is a time to soften defenses and dive into the dimensions of our soul.

These are perfect days and nights to identify what disturbs our emotional health as we reflect on our past, our conditioning and our instinctual responses for essential feedback.

“Halting your progress before the Sun-Moon rendezvous are Mercury making a caustic, 45-degree link to Vesta (12:27AM), the monthly Moon in Gemini opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius (5:32AM), a void lunar cycle in Gemini starting at 11:46AM and ending when the Moon enters Cancer (3:08PM). Rocking the boat with dear ones as Mars and Juno joust in the heavens is a no-no. Let go of as many old problems as possible to allow the New Moon vibrations to reinforce love, understanding, and goodwill within your extended family circle.” -Mark Lerner

We may experience a longing for closeness with those that we’re at home with and trust to share our true feelings. Emotional exhaustion, a need to retreat, and moodiness are also symptoms of Cancer Moonbeams.

During these sacred moments, proceed with extra sensitivity and expressions of thoughtfulness. Find healthy outlets to nourish and regenerate your soul. Consider how you self-soothe. Know that you deserve the best.

To clarify how this New Moon in Cancer will impact you on a personal level, locate 3° Cancer in your birth chart. This is where fresh energy is being poured. If you have a planet or point from 0° to 7° of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, this New Moon will speak to you directly.

It’s important to be internally clear and meaningful about what we want now. Send your requests out in a wish or a prayer. Focus on where you’re going and make peace with the past. Your idea under this loving New Moon could bloom when the Cancer Full Moon rolls around. xx




New Moon in Cancer; July 4th, 2016 @ 7:01am ET☾♋

by Molly Hall

“The July 4th New Moon is a kind of emotional independence day.  The grand finale may include some explosive feelings, that then start a chain-reaction of change. 

Cancer, as you know, is the sign of moods and the Moon itself.  Sun and Moon — the Luminaries — are at 13 degrees Cancer.

Cancer’s path is paradoxical, as one of nurturing others and being motherly, but the advanced Crabs declare their independence, too.  It’s a cardinal sign, and one that pushes out, but is often mired in emotional enmeshment scenarios.

For this one, Pluto is in opposition, making it a time to face reality, even if it makes you despair at first.

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New Moon in Cancer; July 15th, 2015❂♋

Intense currents are flowing toward us as the Sun and Moon align in Cancer at 9:24 PM EDT. As with every New Moon cycle, we’re given a chance to punt what isn’t working out anymore and begin anew with fresh energy and perspective. Cancer symbolizes the oceans where Life begins, whether it’s the womb or great salty seas. Focusing our positive intentions now plants seeds of thought in our fertile imaginations. You’ll feel the changes, benefits, and ups and down of this New Moon if your birthday falls on/within four days of July 15, or, if you have a planet at 23 degrees of Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn.

“To say that the astro-psychic situation arriving on humanity’s doorstep today is strange and mysterious is probably the understatement of the year. Leading up to the New Moon moment are ten celestial pranksters that emanate distress and concern big-time. Why this should occur, within a 21-hour time-period, is anyone’s guess, but the key here is to be on your best behavior, communicate clearly without ulterior motives, avoid volatile conditions, and count your blessings.” -Mark Lerner

With the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars in Cancer (Jeez!! So how’s it goin,’ Cancers?!) everything we need to know will be felt. The Moon is at home in her natural sign of Cancer, where sensitivity, feelings, and comfort reside. Now’s a time to unburden ourselves from irrational fears, needless worry, and dependencies that are suppressed and pleading for expression.

“Your soul expresses itself in a variety of colours – reds, yellows and whites; blues and greens. Yet it is the more luminous colours that we are encouraged to show, relegating those more sombre emotions to the margins of our soul, hoping that they will go away. Yet to live holistically is to embrace all shades and hues of our soul, not just the vibrantly elite colours.” -Andrew Smith

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