Wishes xx

By  D. Simone

“May Light always surround you; hope kindle and rebound you.

May your hurts turn to healing; your heart embrace feeling.

May wounds become wisdom; every kindness a prism.

May laughter infect you; your passion resurrect you.

May goodness inspire your deepest desires.

Through all that you reach for, may your arms never tire.”


Butterfly Kisses, Sunday Wishes

May the wings of the butterfly kiss the Sun
And find your shoulder to land on
To bring you luck, happiness and riches
Today, tomorrow and beyond

~Irish Blessing

✰ ☆Wishes☆ ✰

By Ruzica Matic

I went to see a fortune teller,
a fate weaver with magic words.
I wanted her to read my future,
to tell me of shifting worlds.

I went to kiss the river goodbye,
to part the water with my lips.
I wanted the current to take my sins
and move my anchored ships.

I went to tickle the sleeping flowers,
to rouse the delicate petals, so white.
I wanted them to feel the Sunlight,
and never fear the coming night.

Full poem here

Art: Wishing Well by Moonglowlilly